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If You See Any Of These In Sperms, It Means It Is Not Healthy. Please Take Note.

There are many reasons by which you can understand that your sperms are unhealthy. Here are a few things to monitor. If you see any of the outline signs, then the health of your sperms are on the low.

If the semen is yellow, you are sure that you are having jaundice and is not suitable for your health and also if you are planning for a family.

You may sometimes have blood in your semen, which indicates that you are having high blood pressure, which is not suitable for the couple to conceive.

The yellow color of the semen can also be caused due to drinking alcohol or eating food rich in sulfur. That semen is harmful to the fetus as it has some side effects.

If your sperm is of yellowish-green color, it indicates that the sperm is not healthy as it contains bacteria that travels from the urinary tract to the prostate gland.

If you find blood in your semen, it may also be because of sexually transmitted diseases such as gonorrhea, herpes, and chlamydia.

Sometimes the blood is black, which might indicate that your body has old blood because of spinal cord injuries.

If the texture of the semen changes because of low physical activities, consumption of alcohol, use of marijuana, and diet, you can consider the sperms to be unhealthy.

If testicular swelling happens due to epididymis or inflammation of the orchitis (testicle), it can lead to unhealthy sperms.

The normal production of testosterone is affected by the abnormality in the pituitary gland when it releases hormones to the testicles. The sperm released at that time is unhealthy in nature.

Before you start family planning, you must monitor the texture of the sperm for a few days to find out whether the sperm is of good quality or not. Good quality of sperm will increase the chances of pregnancy without any complications.

If the sperms are not of good quality, they will not move well and will fail to reach the eggs and fertilize. If fertilization does not occur, there will be no chance of pregnancy

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