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Are You Allergic To Something? Find Out How To Stop Allergies

--Dealing With Allergies ..

--What are allergies ? 

....Allergies are an ingestion ( through lungs , skin , mouth ) of a substance that triggers a response within our bones .Our immune system was intended to be a First line defense for our bodies .

It was supposed to prevent us from being exposed to things that could be harmful to us .So our immune system is constantly on alert if something comes in that could trigger an allergic response , it goes from alert to high alert .And in terms of food , certain foods tend to be more stimulatory to our immune system than anything else ...


-It's some chemical that stimulates a portion of your body to respond , and your body responds by releasing other chemicals, protective factors , trying to get rid of whatever is stimulating you, so you may get some diarrhea .Trying to get it out of the body .If you inhaled something , you may get a RUNNY NOSE , or RHINORREA , trying to get whatever is stimulating your body out if you get it on the skin , you may get a reaction specific to the skin like rash or hives , itching , various things ..Certain foods have definitely been shown to be more allergenic than most items .

--AN ALLERGY IS THE BODY 's rejection of a chemical substance known as an ALLERGEN or ANTIGEN .

-Any chemical whether ingested with food , inhaled (this is where the sprays and chemicals we breathe in comes in )" or introduced into the body by any other means can cause an allergic reaction .(EHF ,Volume 2 ,333)

--Even if you were Bearley exposed , it can turn it into a big thing for you .

"Many cases of eczema , rhinitis,asthma, migrant , and Colitis are allergic reactions ,asthma may be initiated or exacerbated (which means to be made worse ) by one or more of the foods listed on here .. (EFH ,Volume 2 page 333

● Most people are Allergic to Milk and / Dairy Products 

● It is the leading cause of Type 1 Diabetes in kids ,asthma did third leading cause of heart disease , and very common cause of upper respiratory disease , chronic sinusitis, chronic runny nose , chronic rhinitis , and things like that 


(1 ) Milk and dairy products are the number one leading cause of allergies ..

(2) Fish is the number 2 leading cause of allergic reaction .

(Shelf is ) shrimp , lobster , crab , prawns , mussels , Conclusions , Crawfish , Shellfish , Catfish , Crayfish , Talapia 

Tilapia eats everything that the catfish eats .

It's a hybrid fish ..

(4) Eggs 

(5) All forms of cheese 


(Alcohol in any format and Alcoholic Beverages cause Allergies ..

(8) Spices cause Allergic reactions 

Certain foods have definitely shown to be more Allergic 

** Did you know that if you keep your body inflamed where the SEDIMENTATION RATE STAYS HIGH , having allergies , It causes inflammation in your body , leads to ARTHRITIS .Plaquing of the arteries ,as well as other ailments : They normally tie in one with another .The Spice mentioned do just that 

..REMOVING ALL THE items mentioned in Parts 1 and 2 , This is step number 1 and this step normally helps those who are usually Allergic 

..If this step has not helped the allergies , we then move onto STEP 2.

.. (STEP 2) ..If step one didn't work you can move to step (2) 

● HONEY ..If you removed everything on step 1 , then honey is the first thing to be removed in step 2 

● Gluten Grains --Wheat , Barley and Rye , Oats  

You can use corn , brown rice , non GMO corn , Millet , Quinoa , Amaranth , Buckwheat etc instead of gluten grains 

Be sure your grains are non -GMO .

● Nuts. .(1 ( = the number. 1 culprit on the list of nuts Cashews 

● Fruit 





Citrus fruits 


Straw berries 

(7) Tomatoes 

.. (8) Vegetables (1) Cley and Carrots are the main culprits 

(2) Potatoes too

.."Foods that are palatable and wholesome to on person may be distasteful , and even harmful , to another .Some cannot use milk , while others thrive on it .Some persons cannot digest peas and beans ; others find them wholesome .For some the coarser grain preparations are good food while others cannot use them ." (MH 319.2)


● Type O -

Type A -

Type B-

Type AB - 

..IF STEP (2) Doesn't work go to step (3) 

---Get rid of the following 

● perfumes .●Body Sprays ● Scented Items ● Clorox ● Febreeze Sprays 

● Scented Air Freshers 

● Plug ins 

● the type of detergent you use 

• the type of dish washing liquid you use 

• Latex Gloves 

▪ Certain clothing material 

-😨You are going to get into chemical compounds that you use in your home ...

---STEP 4 : 

This is where we are going to be a bit more serious 

..we are going to remove all carpets from your home or purchase a Kirkby vacuum 

..going to tile or hard wood floors 

..Carpets trap a lot of allergens such as dust molds and dust mites

..Also you may have to get rid of any pets you own..

Never let a pet sleep in your bed 

Never kiss an animal on its mouth 

--● STEP (5) If steps (1-4) have failed go to step 5 

--STEP (5) 30day nasal flush 

A great salve for Eczema is called ' HEALING SALVE" Excellent for : 

▪ Cuts and Wounds 


-Dry Skin 

-Diaper Rash 



-Chemical burns 


-Cold sores 

-Canker Sores 


Any other skin problem .

-Drink 3-4 cups of water and 1 cup every hour thereafter 

(2) Take 1 tbsp of honey ( 1-2 × day ) from your local area 

(3) : Wash out the nose with a Neti Pot 

(4) Take Astragalus and Nettle capsules 

(5) Chamomile tea can help 

(6) Primrose Oil is supposed to be great for allergies 

(7) Foods High in Vitamin E and the oil is good on rashes etc 

(8) And the most important is FOLLOW THE LAWS OF HEALTH , especially sunshine and water And keep all the other laws as well 

Lack of sleep can cause problems too

..Thanks to brother Jones Mokaya (KENYA) 

And brother Friday (The Bible Worker )

Content created and supplied by: Dihyab (via Opera News )



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