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The flood at Cape Coast Hospital raises the risk of health workers contracting the COVID-19 virus.

The hours of intense rain in Cape Coast, the capital of the central region, flooded the bulk of the city.

The floodwaters wreaked havoc on Abura, the University of Cape Coast (UCC) community, and the Pedu estates in Cape Coast. The COVID treatment center at the Cape Coast Teaching Hospital was also washed by the down pore, in addition to homes and shops. Despite the fact that there were only two patients at the treatment center, they were overwhelmed by the situation because it was the first of its sort since the center's inception, according to the article. According to the hospital's PRO, this necessitated the transfer of these patients to a holding bay by some of the hospital's staff.

Staff members were seen trying to put the place together in photos from the investigation. However, the fact that these employees were only wearing a nasal mask and utility gloves was concerning. 

COVID-19 treatment center is a highly contagious environment, and any job done there requires workers to be properly clothed and wearing the appropriate personal protective equipment ( PPE). Working at a COVID-19 treatment center without proper PPE is more riskier given the fact that these viruses thrive in cold temperatures and the weather was cold because of the rains yesterday. Even though they were wearing masks, the majority of their bodies were visible. The COVID-19 virus is airborne and can settle on any portion of the skin that comes into touch with the nose or mouth, allowing it to spread. 

Because these health workers went to work at the treatment center without proper PPE, they and anybody else who comes into contact with them are at danger of contracting the virus.

It is past time for Ghanaians to take the Covid-19 virus's prevention measures seriously. People have been sloppy about hand cleaning and wearing face masks for quite some time now. For the sake of Ghanaians' safety, I believe these restrictions should be enforced once more. Ghana must continue to exist. Keep wearing your nose mask and washing your hands. If you get the opportunity, take the vaccine.

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