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Complications Of COVID-19 Vaccines: Ghanaian Leaders Must Not Overlook These Facts

COVID-19 vaccines are out and it seems most nations including Ghana are rushing for it. Some nations are however, contemplating on the safety or originality of the vaccine against all possible claims; through theories and reasonings.

Most Ghanaians have shown lack of readiness to receive the vaccine, having their own reasons. Notwithstanding, healthcare personnel and political leaders are encouraging the general public to go for the vaccines. This is a good initiative but the leaders must also consider some of the facts about to be explained in this article.

First and foremost, the novel COVID-19 disease is known to be asymptomatic sometimes. This means that people may get infected without showing any signs or symptoms of COVID-19 (for example, coughing, sneezing, sore throat, breathlessness etc...). Generally, vaccines are a class of drugs which contains a weaker, an attenuated or a dead version of a disease-causing microorganism (eg a virus like COVID-19). These vaccines are to help the body build immunity against the microbial infection in question; in this sense, COVID-19.

Based on this understanding, COVID-19 vaccines are not supposed to be given to people who have already gotten infected with the virus (whether or not they are showing some signs or symptoms). This may trigger an adverse or worsen effect because there is going to be a possible increase in viral load.

Now, here is the case that the vaccines are in, and the government is ready to get everyone vaccinated without getting the people tested. This is bad and may trigger some complications that the country wouldn't expect.

The next thing has to do with the type of vaccine and the new strains of COVID-19. Not long ago countries were reporting new strains of COVID-19. However, these vaccines that were developed was only meant to immunize people from getting infected with the first strain; not the second. This communicates that, after citizens have taken jabs of the vaccines, they have to still observe the COVID-19 protocols.

There is a possibility that this is really going to be an issue in the country. This is because already, people are getting fed up with the nose masks and the other protocols. After taking the jabs, these people may assume they are safe and so there wouldn't be any need for observing the COVID-19 protocols; which is an erroneous impression or thought.

The leaders of this country also have to consider the religious beliefs of its citizens. Now, some religious people (like Christians) have come to believe and accept some conspiracy theories about the vaccines. Some believe that it is 666 (the mark of the beast according to scriptures). Others believe that the vaccines were made to wipe Africans aways from earth; in order to reduce global population. People have come to accept some of these doctrines which may either be true or false.

Now, the problem here is that, rumors have it that individuals who refuse to get vaccinated are going to be restricted from a lot of things. These may include not traveling outside the country, not getting assess to certain offices or work place etc.

If these rumors are true, then the government must reconsider it's decisions as it may affect the country in so many ways; especially economically.

Everyone (including leaders and citizens) wants the good of the country but certain facts, decisions or steps must be weighed by our noble leaders before actions are taken.

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