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Ghana Registered Nursing And Midwifery Assoc. Cries To Gov’t As Trained Nurses Take This Decision.

Sound health is something one should always crave for as it is the gateway to everything one wishes for in life. A healthy body makes it possible for each and everyone to go about his or her daily plans successfully. Helping to make sure we have a sound health is Nurses. Government is doing all it can to enroll more students in the profession by giving them motivational allowances to make them stick to the job.

According to the Ghana Registered Nursing And Midwifery Association, the ratio of nurses to citizens as at now stands at one is to 839 which exceeds the range given by the World Health Organization as 1 is to 1000.

The country has more than needed, the GRNMA fears there is looming huge deficit in the health professionals if drastic measures are not taken immediately.

Reporting from the official twitter page of TV3 news, The Ghana Registered Nurses and Midwives Association (GRNMA) has cautioned against increasing figures of the nurse to patients ratio if government doesn’t revise service conditions of its members. In estimation, over three thousand registered professional nurses have left the country in search of greener pastures in the first quarter of this very year resulting in the increase of the ratio between nurses and citizens.

This notice served by the Association has caused series f reactions all over on social media as some concerned citizens who are in the profession and some not show their reasons for such acts by these nurses. Some also hinted on many unemployed nurses waiting to be called and hence should be employed if their mates are out of the country. Find below some of the reactions I gathered:

What is your opinion about the leaving if nurses to work abroad because of good salary terms even though they were trained with the country’s resources? Let it be heard in the comments section below. Don’t be left out. Have a nice day!

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