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Opinion: Ayilo did this to me after eating it for seven years

My name is Emelia from Accra. I want to talk about what ayilo did to me after craving for it for many years approximately seven.

For me, I mostly buy it from Volta region because it's sweeter than the ones in Accra here. The smell of it is another thing that keeps hanging me to eat more

When talking about consumption of ayilo, am the best because I sometimes eat it throughout a week without eating any food. I feel very satisfied after eating like one small black rubber. All I take after eating a rubber of ayilo is water

Then one day, I became very sick as I went to the hospital, I was told of not having any blood at all in my body. I was asked about the things I have been eating but I could not tell that I have been eating ayilo.

After some minutes, my aunt was about to take her phone from my purse then I don't know how she did it anyways then my things poured out. Ayilo was the first to be seen by everyone in the room

Then the doctor asked me that do I like eating it and I replied yes. Then he told me thank God he has seen it himself because, ayilo is what made me sick

According to him, he said ayilo does no good than bad. If I want to die young then I can continue. He also said ayilo kills nutrients in foods that we eat, making us lean and anaemic

Please all what am trying to say is, stop eating ayilo if you're also a victim or you know a friend who is addicted please save him or her. I nearly died since I did not, I want to change my friends out there who are also addicted. Please stop eating it

This is the story of Emelia. Please share to save friends. Comment, like and follow me


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