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COVID-19: Benefits of BANABA LEAVES to Our Health

Banaba, or Lagerstroemia speciosa, is a tree commonly found in the tropical region: most African countries, South-East Asia and Central America. It belongs to the genus Lagerstroemia, also known as Crape Myrtle. It is known as the Pride of India and found mainly in the Philippines.

Banaba leaves contain over 40 bioactive compounds which offer multiple health benefits, including anti-obesity effect, lower blood sugar levels, and reduce heart disease risks.

Reseach from Healthline detail a whole lot of benefits of this particular leaves. Some of these benefits are below:

Antioxidant activity

We get ill and fail in health as a result the activity called oxidation. Our exchange of gases (breathing in oxygen), although essential, have a negative side - they bring in free radicals which end up depleting the body ability to fight disease. Antioxidants are compounds that counter the harmful effects of free radicals.

Banaba leaves can neutralize free radicals because of the high content of antioxidants in them.

Anti-obesity benefits

Obesity is the cause of many chronic disease. It leads to diabetes, high blood pressure, stroke, heart disease or death.

Banaba leaves inhibit the activities of adipogenesis and lipogenesis which are responsible for the formation of fat cells and fat molecules.

Reduce heart disease risk

High cholesterol leads to heart disease - the third leading cause of Death globally. Banana leaves help lower the blood cholesterol levels in the body.

Anticancer effect

Banana leaves can cause death of cells. These cells could be cancer causing cells.

Kidney damage protection

The work of the free radicals can result in kidney damage. Antioxidants may protect the kidney from the activities of these free radicals.

Side Effects

It is advised that persons with allergies to pomegranates should used Banaba-based products with caution.

Also, excessive use of it could lead to the lowering of blood sugar levels, especially when it becomes addictive.

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