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The Woman With The Most Unnerving Breast Cancer In Africa.

Maame Yaa Boatman is a Ghanaian woman from Kumasi. She is a single mother of four struggling with breast cancer. Her husband however is not in the picture as he did not take care of the children, leaving the work to her alone. Unfortunately, she started experiencing lumps in her breast at the time. She did not take it serious as she thought it will soon go away.

She first went in for herbal medicine to cure herself as she has started feeling pains in her breast, but things did not work out as she expected. The lumps in her breast begins to grow bigger and bigger, she begins to get worried. It kept going to the point that it opens and now there is a big hole in her breast.

She went to the hospital and doctors confirmed that it is breast cancer. This was very devastating for her as she had children to look after at the time. Weeks went by and it just keeps getting bigger. It got to the point that it opened up. Her strength has drastically reduced because of this.

According to her, the breast was normal but as time goes on she started feeling lumps in it. She went to the hospital and got to know that it is breast cancer. She does not have the resources to treat it, she went back home and applied herbs. But it only got worse and bigger until the breast exploded, leaving a big hole in it.

This has caused her a lot of pains. What was even more devastating for her was the fact that the breast was getting rotten. She later on went back to the hospital and the doctors concluded that they could inject her for the breast to shrink back instead of cutting it off because of her age.

This became an issue for her as she does not have the money to pay for her treatments.


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Ghanaian Kumasi Maame Yaa Boatman


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