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Physical Exercise and Bodybuilding

5 Reasons you should start lifting weights now.

Weight lifting is not just about building muscles. Experts say that weight lifting has various benefits. The following are some of the benefits of lifting weights.

1. Weight lifting helps preserve your bone mass. Bone mass is a measure of the amount of minerals (mostly calcium and phosphorous) contained in a certain volume of bone. Weight lifting can also prevent osteoporosis (a condition marked by decreased bone mass), in which bones become weak and brittle.

2. Weight lifting can improve your mood, strength and help you sleep better.

3. Weight lifting promotes a healthy heart and prevent stroke. A study of 13,000 people found that people who lifted weight had 40-70% lower risk of stroke and heart attack.

4. Weight lifting can improve your posture and balance.

5. Weight lifting can help prevent lifestyle diseases like diabetes (by helping regulate insulin) and hypertension.

Just like any exercise, always remember to start small and build your way up and don't overdo it.

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