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Health benefits of OKRO

Okra is a flowering plant known as an edible seed pod. Okra is beneficial to the health of the human body. It contains folic acid, vitamin A, B,C, K, calcium, fibre, potassium, antioxidant and other vital nutrients.

The nutrients in Okra help to prevent some vital disease from the human body.

It supports Guts health. Because of the insoluble fiber it contains which help the intestine by decreasing the chances of cancer especially colorectal cancer, it also help avoid constipation. Okra has liver detoxification, antibacterial activities that support normal digestion.

Secondly it helps in achieving healthy skin. Okra has a good amount of antioxidant, it helps reduces the amounts of oxidative stress in the body, and it eliminates free radicals present in the body. It also helps the skin to look young.

Last but not the least, Okra is good for diabetic patient. Because of it fiber, it helps to improve insulin sensitivity and also aids in controlling of sugar level in the body.

This means that Okra is very healthy to our body and it is a need to consume.

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