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Beyond aesthetic aspects, plastic surgery holds physical health benefits

Beyond aesthetic aspects, plastic surgery holds physical health benefits!

Plastic surgery is similar to the concept of plastic which can be molded into different shapes. People need plastic surgery to repair or reconstruct their body parts because of an injury, or for aesthetic reason. “Plastic surgery allows creativity to thrive,” says Dr Srinjoy Saha, one of the top three and leading plastic surgeons in Kolkata, recognized by a multi-national ranking website, by using their meticulous 50 point inspection.

There is an enormous scope of improvising and bettering current treatments. Arts, mathematics, 3-dimensional geometry, imagination, all play a role in formulating an ideal treatment. It is the only sub-specialty that combines engineering with medicine. Plastic surgeons are now entering an era of regenerative medicine and tissue engineering which utilizes the body’s healthy cells from easily accessible areas to heal diseased tissues.

Among the two types of plastic surgeries are: Reconstructive Plastic Surgery and Aesthetic or Cosmetic Plastic Surgery. Reconstructive surgeries are most commonly performed in India for injuries to the hand and face due to an accident or a burn. It also treats scar problems which can hinder work and even movements. Reconstructive surgery improves a dysfunctional body part, defects, and restores functions. It is the mainstay of healing a person with mutilating deformities ranging from skin grafts to micro-vascular surgeries.

Aesthetic surgery is performed to enhance the external physical appearance of a healthy person. Aesthetic surgery is also on the rise. Nowadays, more and more people seek botox and fillers. Aesthetic surgery is performed by using both surgical and non-surgical techniques to improve the natural beauty of a person. It can improve self-image, boost self-confidence, and bring out the best in life. In addition to enhancing the aesthetic appearance, plastic surgery also helps improve physical health! For example, plastic surgery:

Saves Lives:

Burns range from a minor first degree burns to a possibly fatal fourth-degree burn. In India, more than 10 million burn cases are treated per year. Severe burns are difficult to treat, but if left untreated can cause infection and decreased physical health. These difficulties are properly handled by experts like a plastic surgeon. A good plastic surgeon treats burn scars and corrects deformities for burn survivors to help the patient live normally. Plastic surgery is considered a boon to skin cancer patients. Plastic surgery has an exceptional rate of success in the treatment of skin cancer. Accidents mostly damage faces which can cause a person to lose self-confidence. Face reconstruction moves tissues from other parts of the body and can even move the face from another brain-dead person to the patient. This gives a whole new life to the patients!

Helps To Encourage Healthy Lifestyles:

Plastic surgery enhances a person’s lifestyle by building self-confidence and self-esteem. A person who is overweight, women/men with an improper breast, or an accident victim with severe scarring may feel too uncomfortable and embarrassed to face the world. Some specific cosmetic plastic surgery procedures can help the person to renew their self-confidence and face the world boldly. Reconstructive plastic surgery on face and hand plays a major role in restoring the normal function of a person. Also, adopting good post-surgery care results in greater improvement for patient’s physical health. Post plastic surgery care involves healthy activities like regular exercise, adequate rest, a balanced diet, and quitting alcohol and smoking. These activities can become habits that push a patient towards a healthy lifestyle.

Improves Not Only Appearance But Also Physical Health:

Physical health is nothing but related to emotional, mental, social and intellectual health. Plastic surgery does not just better looks but also betters a patient’s overall physical and mental health in many ways. For example, a woman with an oversized breast may experience neck, back, and shoulder pain. This can lead to obesity, whenever she is too embarrassed to exercise or in too much pain. Plastic surgery will reconstruct the breast and let the patient go freely to do day-to-day activities without pain or embarrassment. Likewise, restoring abdomen appearances to the pre-pregnancy looks by using Abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) will reduce urinary incontinence and lower back pain. Rhinoplasty (nose surgery) helps to correct nasal septum deviation which eases a person’s breathing and oxygen flow. Nasal septum deviation can cause a lack of sleep due to improper breathing. Liposuction and body contouring helps remove excess body fat which would have prevented insulin break down in the body. By removing excess fat a patient may lower the risk of diabetes, obesity, and many heart conditions. Blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery) provides better vision by correcting droopy eyelids and solving dry-eye problems.

“Look Better! Breathe Better! Feel Better!”

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