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Profound uses and benefits of Nyame Dua.

The profound and actual employments of Nyame Dua or Gods tree 

Nyame Dua which is otherwise called God's tree was utilized by our progenitors as town sanctuary interfacing the local area to the goddess nyame through antiquated precursors of different family faction. 

From African Traditional religion, it is accepted that, our progenitors were adored and taken care of under the nyame dua tree on account of it's holiness and how amazing it is. It was likewise under the tree where ceremonies where performed. 

In some African nations and different pieces of Asia, the plant is considered as a blessed tree and loved in different homes and backwoods since they accept that, there is an otherworldly being living in it and accordingly no one is permitted to eat or cut any piece of the tree. 

The plant is additionally a restorative plant where the bark, leaves and roots are completely utilized for therapeutic purposes like antimalarial, antipyretics exercises, antidiabetic, antimicrobial and so on which has been demonstrated generally and logically. 

The plant is referred to locally in Ghana as nyame Dua or osen-nuru or sinduro in Akhan, Nzema's call it Nyamenlebaka or Emenle or Emie or Bakunin whiles Ga-adangbe's call it Adawura. 


Pleasantly wash the leaves,bark and underlying foundations of Nyame Dua with a pungent water and bubbled the two of them till the spotless water transforms it tone. 

Compassionately drink a quantifiable measure of it in the first part of the day, evening and evening to treat the sicknesses beneath: 

1.Painful monthly cycle 

2. Intestinal sickness fever 

3.Sexual problems 


5.inflamatory issues 



8.general body torments 

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