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To Everyone: See How These Emotions Effect Your Body Organs

Human health, defined as the complete state of physical, social, and mental well-being and not merely the absence of illness, disease, etc. Everything that makes human body feel bad is characterized as bad habit that can harm the human body. Sometimes human being go through some challenges which bring us emotions either good or bad.

The emotions can be biological states associated with all of the nerve systems brought on by brains changes variously associated with thoughts, feelings, behavioural responses, and a degree of pleasure or displeasure.

The emotions had superior values with the following bodily organs: anger with the liver, happiness with the heart, thoughtfulness with the heart and spleen, sadness with the heart and lungs, fear with the kidneys and the heart, surprise with the heart and the gallbladder, and anxiety with the heart and the lungs.

Poorly managed negative emotionsare not good for your health. Negative attitudes and feelings and hopelessness can create chronic stress, which upsets the body's hormone balance, depletes the brain chemicals required for happiness, and damages the immune system.

Good emotions always bring good health in our lifetime. Let's sometimes put aside something that brings bad emotions to our life and focus on the good one. Always put smilebon you're face.

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