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The Effects Of Sleeping On Your Right Side - What Doctors Won't Tell You

Sleep is something the body needs as it helps us relax and release some stress.Even though sleep has a lot of benefits on the body, when not done well could be more harmful and detrimental to the body.

There are different sleep positions, which individuals use according to how comfortable they find it.However every position had it's effect or consequences be it good or bad.

In this article I will tell you two things about sleeping on your right side which your doctor would probably never do

1.Right Side Sleeping Causes Acid Reflux

Studies show acid reflux is worse when people lie on their right side. Pregnant women are advised to sleep on their left side, to help circulation and blood flow to the placenta. Left-side sleeping may help digestion. Hence Sleeping On the right is bad for people with acid reflux.

2. Reduced Nervous System Activity

Research shows that right-side sleeping may lower nervous system activity, which reduces heart rate and blood pressure. Some scientists think the age-related preference for right-side sleeping is an instinctive, protective response for the heart. And studies show that people with heart failure tend to avoid sleeping on their left sides.

Be cautious of how you sleep.

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