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Drinking enough water daily is essential for a healthy kidney. See why

Drinking enough water daily is essential for a healthy kidney. See why?

The kidneys are essential organs in the body due to the functions they perform. The basic and most important function of the kidney is the elimination of waste substances from the body through urine. This action of the kidney keeps the bodily systems clean and hence the need to ensure that they are healthy to perform their functions.

The kidney is a bean-shaped organ that is located retroperitoneally in the upper quadrant of the abdomen. The kidney exists in pairs, each located in the left and right portion of the upper quadrant of the abdomen. 

How to maintain healthy kidneys

The kidneys need water to perform their functions well. It is recommended we drink about 1.5 L to 2.0 L of water each and every day.The waste products in the body need to be excreted in urine through the action of the kidneys. The largest component of the urine is water and hence if your kidneys are not getting enough water to aid their excretion, they turn to excrete concentrated urine (dark urine) instead of the normal light yellow colored urine. Also, the waste compound in the urine begins to form crystals that may develop into large kidney stones if not excreted early while they are small. Kidney stones can damage your kidneys. To prevent all this from happening, all it takes to make drinking of water a daily habit, and your target should be at least 1.5 liters a day.

Habits that damage the kidneys

They include smoking, alcohol abuse, dehydration, excessive salt intake, and abusing drugs such as pain medications (aspirin, NSAIDs). Avoid these things to decrease to a great degree the possibility of getting a kidney disease.

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