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10 Health Tip For Women

A correct and healthy diet is part of the good habits to adopt to minimize the possibility of cancer and improve one's health.

Here are a few simple tips for good prevention:

Practice an active lifestyle.

Moderate intensity physical activity for at least 30 minutes every day is one of the best habits. It is equivalent to a brisk walk and can be part of a physical activity related to travel and travel, housework or recreational and sporting activities.

Keep yourself of normal weight.

Staying in the normal weight range may be one of the best behaviors that can prevent cancer. If you find yourself overweight or obese, contact a health professional for personalized diet therapy.

Keep your bones healthy.

Milk and its derivatives can represent a good source of calcium in the right doses, but within this category it is important to choose natural yoghurts and fresh and low-fat cheeses. Calcium is present in numerous plant sources such as nuts, leafy vegetables, seeds and legumes. To ensure a good supply of vitamin D, it is sufficient to expose yourself to sunlight (not direct sun) for 30 minutes a day with a little bare skin.

Make your every meal in half from fruits and vegetables.

In general, fruits and vegetables, rich in water and fiber, have a low caloric intake and, especially if consumed with varieties, represent an important source of vitamins, mineral salts and other beneficial molecules that you call phytocompounds. Dried fruit and oil seeds are real concentrates of micronutrients and healthy fats, beneficial for the cardiovascular system, while aromatic herbs and spices are useful for enriching the diet with natural flavors, vitamins and minerals.

Drink water.

In the human organism, water is an essential constituent for the maintenance of life, it is also the one present in greater quantity. It is important to always indulge the sense of thirst and even groped to anticipate it by drinking enough, on average 1.5-2 liters of water per day.

Consume whole grains.

Consuming whole grains such as rice, barley, spelled, corn, wheat and rye and all their derivatives is essential for achieving the daily requirement of fiber, equal to 25-30 grams.

Know what you are buying.

Reading the ingredients list and nutrition table of a food label is the first step towards a healthy diet. This is because by selecting the products already at the supermarket it is possible to avoid bringing in everyday foods that should be consumed only occasionally.

Consume energy dense foods only occasionally.

By "energy dense foods" we mean foods that contain a high caloric intake in a small volume; the majority of the calories supplied by these foods are given by fats and sugars, therefore their consumption contributes to the increase of body weight.

Limit your alcohol consumption.

For good cancer prevention the recommendation would be to avoid the consumption of alcoholic beverages and to consume small quantities only occasionally. However, if you want to consume alcoholic beverages, do not exceed 1 alcohol unit per day, equal to 1 glass of red wine or a small beer.

Cook healthily.

It is important to discover new recipes and alternative condiments: you will thus reduce the consumption of saturated fats, sugar and salt in home preparations, not forgetting that a healthy diet is also tasty, varied and appetizing, suitable for all ages and needs.

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