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Was Born Complete But A Wrongly Administered Injection Damaged My Legs When I Was A Kid (Photos).

We have come across many touching stories of people who have been hurt or harmed by wrong drugs or medication given to them. Here is a story of a young lady that shares her side of her life. How the wrong prescription of a drug made her life a living hell. 

The young lady was born perfect like any other human on earth but faced a bad condition when wrong drugs were infused on her when she was young. 

Here is her side of the story: 

My pictures were circulating on the social network because of the bad condition I find myself in today. When I was a kid, a wrong medication was given to me which made my leg face backwards. This condition made me think of my life how people mock me and call me names. I feel like many people also believe I was born that way. 

But after much attention on a social network, i was given an opportunity to go for a corrective surgical operation to correct my leg, and after a successful operation i came out healthy and looked normal. 

Her Facebook update:

At the moment she's so happy and thanking God for the efficient surgical operation. At the moment she has the ability to move without stress and look like other young ladies. 

Indeed, there is God, everyone should learn the habit of thinking before you talk and never insult or call names to people who are not looking like you.

here is some of her old pic and current look:

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