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Don't Apply Any Cream. This home remedies can cure it.

An ear infection occurs when one of your eustachian tubes becomes swollen or blocked, causing fluid to build up in your middle ear. Ear infections occur most commonly in young children because they have short and narrow eustachian tubes.


Too much inspection of ear stick can open your eardrum to allow anything to enter. Be careful not to apply any cream or ointment on the affected ear.

Way back in the days our parents used ginger to cure ear infections. First of all, The ginger is well washed to be grind or blend. a little amount of water is added to the ground ginger. The Dissolve water is poured into the ears. This should be done till you feel no pain in the ears. It is very effective, it works like magic. 

Another method of treating ear infection

Boil warm water and add sea salt to it till it comes the salt solution. Apply the warm salt solution to the affected ear, using a clean cloth.

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