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Can Lack Of Regular Sex Cause Men To Have Prostate Cancer?

Prostate cancer develops in the prostate gland, a part of the male reproductive system. Prostate cancer affects mainly older men. Six out of ten cases are diagnosed in men over 65, but less than 1% in men under 50. Though uncommon, prostate cancer can be seen in men even in their 30's and 40's.

The notion that sexual activity might affect prostate cancer risk has been controversial. A meta-analysis published in 2002 reported that increased ejaculation frequency and having more sexual partners were associated with prostate cancer risk, but age at first intercourse was not.

Since then, more research has been conducted. The current study incorporated the newer studies and applied a dose-response analysis to the data to determine the roles of the above factors.

Men who ejaculate often may have a lower risk of prostate cancer than their peers who don’t do it as frequently, a U.S. study suggests. Researchers followed about 32,000 men starting in 1992 when they were in their 20s and continuing through 2010. During this period, almost 4,000 of the men were diagnosed with prostate cancer.

Men who ejaculated at least 21 times a month in their 20s were 19 percent less likely to be diagnosed with prostate cancer than men who ejaculated no more than seven times a month, the study found. Men who ejaculated more often in their 40s were 22 percent less likely to get a prostate cancer diagnosis.

However, prevention of prostate cancer may not be about regular sex alone. Your diet and lifestyle must be involved. You have to stop eating red meat and animal fat.

Start eating enough vegetables and fruits. Ensure that you are not exposed to environmental chemicals. If prostate cancer reaches an advanced stage, regular sex cannot serve as a cure for it anymore.

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