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If You Still Have A Chance To Stay Safe Please Do It - HIV/AIDS Patient

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A sad and a teary message was sent by a woman affected by HIV/AIDS on her social media handle saying, if you still have the chance and choice to stay safe from HIV/AIDS, she and her family are rather pleading on you to just do it because there is a lot to it than what is heard or seen publicly.

This sad advice from the woman came as a result of the suffering she and her whole family are currently going through all in the name of this deadly disease caused a virus. Below is the message from the family;

She started by displaying number of tablets she and her family have to live with all because of HIV/AIDS.

My babies and I displaying our burden of living with HIV. Kourtney, 9years with 11 tablets, Trevor, 17 years with 20 tablets, Dauglas, 22 years with 3 tablets, Barbara, 32 years 3 tablets daily.

If you still have a chance and choice to stay safe, please do because it isn't fun swallowing these pills everyday especially for the kids born with the virus.

This is indeed very sad so to the public, this is a free advice from a whole family going through hell in the hands of this disease, just try and stay safe for a better life and don't fall as a victim to this endemic viral disease.

When the brain fails to function properly is the body that suffers voice of jjlobationisamaestro.

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