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Akufo Addo's handling of Covid-19 gives Ghanaians ease of movement outside Ghana

The President of Ghana Tijaniya Muslim Council, Sheikh Khalifa Abul- Faid Maikanno Jallo has praised the government for the way it handled the Covid-19 pandemic, and the measures the ministry of Health instituted to protest the Ghanaian citizen during those periods in 2020.

The respected Islamic Cleric's comments became necessary after his arrival from a religious trip to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, where he had observed the last days of the 2022 Ramadan. 

During his travel, the Sheikh noted that, citizens of Ghana were accorded preferential treatment when it comes to inspections that had to do with all Covid-19 protocol compliance at the airports and other public spaces. According to him, once a passenger is recognized as a citizen of Ghana, a less scrutiny is done on such a person. This, he attributes to Ghana government's sterling performance in dealing with the deadly pandemic in 2020, which had gained an international recognition. 

In its early days, during and later when the pandemic had subsided, Ghana’s COVID-19 response was heralded as a success story by the World Health organisation (WHO) and other several international Civil society organisations (CSO). This presented Ghana as a shining example within the West African subregional.  

Sheikh added that, the data available to the international community on how Ghana dealt decisively to manage the pandemic is what is speaking for itself. "The Akufo Addo government has earned this Covid-19 credibility among the international community through hard work, and not by any propaganda means" Sheikh said. 

"We move freely in Saudi Arabia without any hindrance or restriction simply because we were from Ghana" he added.

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