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Always leave your light on while sleeping? Here are 4 things that can happen to you

Some people prefer sleeping in total darkness, and some just can’t close their eyes if they don’t have a bedside lamp or a night light turned on.

Everyone has his or her own internal biological clock. Most of the time, we recommend turning off the lights when you feel sleepy. That’s a good signal it is your time to go to bed.

Sleeping with the lights on has been linked to depression. Blue light from electronic devices may have the worst effects on your mood. A lack of sleep can also cause moodiness and irritability. Children who don't get enough sleep may be more hyperactive.

Cancer. Light at night (known to researchers as LAN) is a significant risk factor for developing breast cancer, according to researchers who reviewed data from 1,679 women and published their findings in Chronobiology International.

It's possible that it'll result in hormonal alterations as a result of Keeping the light on at night as you sleep can mess with your hormones. The light emitted by electronic devices such as computers, televisions, phones, and other mobile devices may also contribute to melatonin deficit.

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Chronobiology International LAN


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