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7 Unhealthy Habits To Stop Before 2021

1. Lack of vegetables in your diet.

It has become a normal habit of late to see people eating without including vegetables. But we forget that omitting these important components from our diets is not a healthy habit. It is better to start the habit of eating vegetables if you are not a fan of them. A little spinach and lettuce has great benefits to your entire body system.

2. Living a sedentary lifestyle.

A sedentary lifestyle is a type of lifestyle involving little or no physical activity. A person living a sedentary lifestyle is often sitting or lying down while engaged in an activity like reading, socializing, watching television, playing video games, or using a mobile phone/computer for much of the day. You do not exercise your muscles and bones a lot in thus kind of lifestyle. being very active keeps many diseases away from you and hence you must make it a habit to avoid the sedentary lifestyle.

3. Nose picking.

This is something everyone does and never thinks that it can harm anyone in a bad way. When you touch various things, which may contain bacteria and viruses and then take the same finger in your nose, you make your body more prone to infections. If you pick your nose frequently, you are more prone to colds and flus as many viruses reach your body through the mucus.

4. Wearing earphones for extended period of time.

Be it while travelling, working out, working or studying, many of us have a habit of incessantly plugging in the earphones for multiple hours. This habit is really bad as it can spell hearing loss in the long run. Make sure that you do not spend hours with earphones plugged and keep the volume to an audible enough and not loud as that is the main culprit.

5. Sleeping with your makeup on.

This habit is hazardous to the skin as it can lead to clogged pores, spots and congested skin. A lot of times women reach back home tired and all ready to hit the bed. Many do this without removing their makeup. Not removing eye makeup is worse because eyes are more sensitive and strong products can even cause vision loss if they are let to stay.

6. Biting of fingernails.

Many people bite their nails constantly as a means for passing time or when they are nervous. This habit is not merely a bad personality gesture but is also bad for one’s health because of the germs that stick to our fingers when we touch different surfaces and have bacteria and viruses. The habit of nail biting can make people more prone to colds and flus.

7. Constant chewing of gum.

You might think gum gives you fresh breath, or maybe it helps alleviate tension, like squeezing an oral stress ball. While this is true, if you chew gum all the time, it could be putting too much pressure on your jaw. And as time goes on you weaken that joint.

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