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How To Protect One's Self Against Tuberculosis

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Tuberculosis is an infectious disease caused by two different bacteria called Mycobacterium Tuberculosis and Mycobacterium Africanum thus in humans but there is another one that causes tuberculosis in cattle identified as Mycobacterium bovis.

People Who Are Mostly Susceptible To This Disease are;

1. Young age, especially the first year of life

2. Substance abusers

3.Malnourished persons

4. People carrying the HIV/AIDS virus

5. Alcoholics

6. People who are not immunized against the disease

7. Consumption of unpasteurized milk from an infected cow

Mode Of Transmission Or Spread

1. Airborne by droplets of sputum through cough, spitting, singing and talking etc

2. Ingestion of unpasteurized milk from an infected cow.

Signs And Symptoms Of Tuberculosis

1. Persistent cough

2. Chest pains

3. Anorexia

4. Fever

5. Weight loss

6. Night sweat

7. Tiredness

8. Difficulties in breathing

9. Hemoptysis

How To Prevent Tuberculosis

1. By BCG immunization

2. Good nutrition to boost immune system

3. Good person and environmental hygiene by avoiding indiscriminate coughing, spitting and sneezing without covering the mouth.

4. Educating the public on the disease

5. Pasteurization of milk before consumption

6. Screening of animals and the subsequent infected ones being disposed off

7. Meat inspection by veterinary officers

8. And finally, protecting one's self from contracting HIV/AIDS.

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