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Some Practices In Ghana That Cost Countless Lives And Dignity

Turning the pages of the social practices in Ghana is its monstrous side. I bet this is on the grounds that the greater part of these customs were made by individuals who were fairly in reverse, ignorant and unrefined no doubt. This make it ill suited that a portion of the standards they set forward are exceptionally barbaric, uncaring and tolerant. I trust some were made childishly with no respect of others.

1. Facial imprints/Scars

This was a type of beatification done on gents and ladies. Their bodies would be punctured or sliced to make these imprints or scars on their skin. Advantageous taking note of, this methodology was not done by a clinical master, regularly the instruments utilized would go unsterilized prompting contamination, wounds that are not reacting to treatment. In strange situations, young ladies would lose their lives to contaminations or even unnecessary dying.

This social practice in Ghana undermines life and is to some degree crude. Be that as it may, the public authority has acted rapid and these have been stooped in case for the individuals who actually need to proceed with such scarification methods hush-hush.

2. Executing crippled and disfigured people.

I have a place with the way of thinking that accepts that lack of education and obliviousness are weaved. Because of absence of information there are networks in West Africa, absolutely Ghana that conviction youngsters who are conceived distorted or because of illnesses or other caused end up crippled are because of insidious forces ownership. To explain the 'malevolent soul' they must be projected out in case they carry disasters to the local area.

Frequently people group living in the distant zones would murder twisted youngsters. Again this is primitive and a negative social practice in Ghana. Nonetheless, government has interceded at these practices are not, at this point done at the public glare in the event that they are really occurring.


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