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Ever Seen Person Born With "Tiny Hole" Above Their Ear? See What It Means About Their Health

Human beings are are at times born with peculiar things which only a few parents note immediately they are born. A good example is a small hole that many people, both boys and girls are born with on top of their ears.

A very small percentage of people are born with tiny, barely visible holes above their ears.

In the Ghana, just under one per cent of people have them. But they're not a sign of something weird or the symptom of a health issue, and it's actually something called preauricular sinus.

Simply put, the malformations are 'nodules, dents, or dimples' that are exposed anywhere around the external ear – specifically, where the 'face' and the ear cartilage meet.

One ear is affected for certain people, while the other ear is affected. A preauricular sinus or a preauricular cyst is the scientific name for this hole, which is extremely unusual.

A nodule or a dimple near the ear is considered a sign of ill luck in some cultures, however a preauricular sinus is a congenital abnormality that occurs at birth.

An abnormal sinus tract connects the preauricular cyst to the sinuses. Under the skin, this tract might have a short or long and convoluted route.

According to Business Insider, one evolutionary biologist, Neil Shubin, says the holes could be an "evolutionary remnant of fish gills."

I have one on each ear. I was always asked about them especially when I was a kid lol. I guess this explains why I love the water so much too . They occur anywhere around the external ear where the 'face' and the ear cartilage can meet.

Occasionally, if an infection becomes too severe, they require removal with an operation, otherwise - if you have one - there's nothing to worry about.

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