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Prevention of private part (vagina) odor(smelling)

The private part is one special organ that has it rules and regulations to be healthy.

There are many ways that causes the private part (vagina) to smell which lead to contraction of diseases and discomfort.

Some of this smells can be cause by lack of personal hygiene and diseases.

To begin with, I will like to wish anyone reading this article a very nice day to you.

Here are some of the Causes and prevention of Smelling private part(vagina).

Let a begin with the Causes.


1. Urinary tract infection, this is a bacterial infection that causes bad odor to the private part (vagina). Some people normally hold on their pee(urine) when they feel like urinating(holding your pee)

This is the major causes of urinary tract infection which lead to the private part odor (smell). Prevention of urinary tract infection

A. Do no hold on pee(urine) when is time for you to pee.

2. Personal hygiene. The private part(vagina) need to be clean all the time to prevent odor(smell). Always wash with water after peeing to keep it safe.


Wash and dry panties under Sunshine to keep away from bacterial infection3. Menstrual cycle. This is another problems that also causes private part odor(vagina).

Every woman passes this Every month and it can cause private part odor (smell) if not practicing proper personal hygiene.

Some women uses improper things to protect the flow which can bring about infection.


A. Stop using tissues to clean the private part after peeing (urine).

B. Use medicated pads to support the flow

4. Exposing the private part to chemicals can also lead to the odor(smell). Some chemicals are not good for the body so when this chemicals get in touch with the private part, it lead to odor.

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