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Skin Care

Know the Benefits Of Eating Galbanum And Other Things It can Be used for.

Galbanum ( "Prekese") is yellowish to green or brown aromatic bitter gum resin derived from several Asian plants (genus Ferula and especially F. galbaniflua) of the family Umbelliferae that resembles asafetida and has been used for similar medicinal purpose.

Galbanum is one of the best natural plants that can be used for so many things that you never know and if you don't know anything about this or the importance of using these plants then I will advise you to start taking them from today after reading Today's article on my page.

Today I am going to teach you the benefits or the importance of Galbanum when you start using them .

1. Galbanum is used for making Galbanum oil and these are some of the importance of Galbanum oil when you start using them.

Wounds: heals skin, including scars, boils, blisters and acne.

Relieves chest congestion due to bronchitis and other upper-respiratory ills.

Increases circulation in the body, helping with arthritis, rheumatism and circulation-related issues.

It stimulates the circulation of lymph in the body.

Increases growth of new tissues and cells.

Skin: tightens and firms, eradicates wrinkles (in mature skin), helps with stretch marks and other aging-related skin problems.

Relaxes muscles prone to spasms, and relieves associated pain.

Promotes better sleep.

Supports immune system functioning.

2. Calming: helps with recovery from depression, shock and trauma (via aromatherapy, including PTSD)

3. Galbanum also can help keep bugs out of your house. It’s particularly good at deterring ants, roaches, mosquitoes, flies, fleas, lice and bed bugs.

4. Galbanum is FDA-approved as safe for food flavorings and additives. The best types to use are either food-grade or therapeutic-grade to avoid petrochemical additives. Galbanum also can be blended with other essential oils to make perfumes.

5. Galbanum which is popularly known in Ghanaian language as " Prekese" is very good to be used in our food that we eat in everyday life, especially when we are preparing our local soups in our homes and restaurants.

We need to use them because it's very good for our health system when we take them.

It helps our body to fight against diseases like diarrhea, gas (flatulence), poor appetite, cough, and seizure disorder (epilepsy), high blood pressure, high body temperature, malaria and other kinds of diseases that we don't even know when we use them for cooking.

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Thank you for reading reading this article.

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