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Things You Should Never Do When You've Had Or Still Have A Hernia

Hernias occur when there is an opening in a muscle such that some organs or parts of some organs "stick out" through these openings, usually around the abdominal and pelvic areas. Hernias can get really painful when the organs that "stick out" get strangulated.

Hernias occur in both males and females but depending on the type of hernia it may be more common in either males or females.

Hernias that occur in the umbilical(navel) region can cause the intestines to get strangulated and hence cause pain.

Some minor hernias can be left for u pto several years without surgery but hernias don't usually heal on their own without surgeries.

For people with hernias or people who have had any hernia before, some activities must be strictly avoided to avoid worsening of the hernia.

The following are a number of things you should be careful not to do if you're battling with a hernia or have had to battle with one before;

1. Don't lift heavy objects

Even for people who have never had a hernia or any chronic medical condition, lifting heavy objects should be done with care. Lifting heavy objects is a "no" for people who have had or still have hernia. The pressure that comes with lifting heavy objects has the tendency to cause a wider tear in the muscle of a person with hernia and for a person who has been surgically treated of hernia, lifting heavy objects can cause another tear in the now weaker muscle, worsening the situation.

2. Include a lot of fiber in your diet

Your diet goes a long way to help you avoid worsening your hernia. Including lots of fiber like veggies and fruits in your diet helps you to avoid constipation and since being constipated means putting in more pressure when you ease your bowels, constipation can lead to a bigger opening of the herniated muscle.

You may also want to reduce your intake of foods such as bread and other pastries which lead to constipation.

3. Maintain a healthy weight

Heavy body weight puts your abdominal wall under constant pressure and hence increases your risk of getting a hernia. Since vigorous exercises are not recommended for people with hernias, make sure you're eating right and constantly taking light exercises (like regularly taking a simple stroll daily).

If you feel too much pain from a hernia, make sure you report to your doctor so it doesn't develop into something worse. I hope these tips help or at least inform you.

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Stay safe.

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