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Government gets another organization to buy 5 million Sputnik V antibody at $26 per dose

More discussion keeps coming up in regards to government's acquirement of Russia's Sputnik V for Covid-19 immunization in the country. 

In an archive located by, the Health Ministry has gotten another provider, S. L. Worldwide Limited to buy 5,000,000 portions of the medication at $26 per portion. 

Delving further into the 20-page report, the Ghanaian claimed organization filling in as the moderate is to convey the antibodies in clusters; 1,000,000 dosages every month until the fifth month when the nation would have had the enough portions for immunization. 

In addition to other things, the understanding was that the buy wo exclude transportation, stockpiling and different charges; hence, the expense is probably going to rise. 

None of the dealer or any of its associated people will be exposed to any responsibility under this understanding or in any case for any lose endured by the purchaser or any individual at all including patients, coming about to the utilization of the items.

Consequently, in a letter dated March 16, 2021, the Health Ministry implored the Finance Ministry to help it raise $130 million to be utilized to pay for Covid-19 immunizations, which were being obtained through some outsiders. 

This comes scarcely seven days hours after an examination by a Norwegian paper uncovered that administration is purchasing the Sputnik V immunization for $19 per portion from the financial specialists rather than $10. 

The report uncovered that administration has marked an agreement for the acquisition of the Sputnik V antibody with an Emirati official who it said was engaged with the disputable Ameri influence bargain and a Norwegian resident accused of tax evasion in Norway. 

Distributing its discoveries on, VG further uncovered that administration has marked the buy contract for 3.4 million portions of the antibody after it got an underlying 16,000 dosages from two finance managers on March 3, 2021. 

It is March 3, and the decision time for Minister of Health, Kwaku Agyeman-Manu (65). A departure from the Emirates is maneuvering to the terminal in Accra, the capital of Ghana, where the Minister of Health is pausing. Out stage two men: One is a Sheik and second cousin of the leader of Dubai. The other has been on the run from Norwegian police for quite a long time; portion of the report

Boxes containing an aggregate of 16,000 portions of the Russian Sputnik V are dumped from the plane and put before the Minister of Health. After six days, the Ministry of Health in Ghana consents to an arrangement with the Sheik. They report that they have arrived at an understanding in regards to the acquisition of 3.4 million antibody portions. No cost is freely unveiled, portions of the report read. 

As per the distribution, when the Ministry of Health was reached to react to the story, "a gathering of civil servants" told the paper that their work was to pay toward the day's end after the agreement had been agreed upon. 

The Ministry of Finance because of the story said the immunizations were bought to ensure individuals. 

The Minister of Finance, Ken Ofori-Atta, when inquired as to why he bought the antibody for $19 per portion, was cited as saying: "I don't have the foggiest idea. You know, you are defied with "the heroes" from the West not giving you any affirmations of supply [of vaccines], and you have 30 million individuals and are to save lives. 

He said you know, it's not difficult to sit elsewhere and say: Why are you doing this? Yet, you need to ensure you secure your kin. You deal with that also as you can. This is each of the a created and made emergency, in light of the fact that unmistakably there are sufficient [vaccines] to go around if just there was value and equity in the thing we are doing.

Following this reportage, the Minority in Parliament has required an intensive examination concerning the matter showing that the evaluating of the item is a sham to the country. 

Be that as it may, government in articulation said it has rather effectively haggled downwards the cost of the Sputnik V immunization from a greater cost. 

As indicated by the Health Ministry, the $19 cost is as aftereffect of government's immediate exchange with a money manager instead of trying to get the antibodies on an administration to government premise which is less expensive yet hard to push through. 

Additionally, the Chairman of Parliament's Health Committee, Dr Nana Ayew Afriyie dispersed cases that administration has been cheated in the arrangement to secure the Sputnik-V Covid-19 immunization. 

He contended that makers of the antibody don't manage government, thusly, center men are being utilized causing an increment in the first cost of $10 per portion which is the processing plant cost. 

In light of this, Dr Afriyie contended that worries being raised about the 'strange' cost is lost since government is giving a valiant effort to get the recently evolved antibody that will save the country and the residents from the dangerous pandemic. 

He continued that they have not been cheated as a State. Despite the fact that they are in a frantic state to get immunizations, the arrangement of government which is an excellent one is to get business people to go into the Sputnik V space. 

He expressed that indeed, the manufacturing plant cost is US$ 10, however when you get exiles, and it escapes the production line, there are a ton of components that come in, including the benefit, commission and cargo to Ghana. So you don't expect an antibody that costs US$ 10 at the processing plant to be a similar cost when it shows up in Ghana, particularly when a go between is getting it.

In the mean time, the World Health Organization has cautioned government against drawing in dubious brokers in its urgent bid to get immunizations. 

The WHO agent said that they have gotten comparable concerns in regards to different immunizations with intermediates selling it at a lot greater cost than what the producers are selling it. There is a great deal of unsatisfactory and misrepresented Covid-19 items being marketed out there. So contact the producers to ensure that the transitional is legitimate.

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