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Throwback To What Doctors Found Inside Of This Woman After A Severe Stomach Pain.

Life throws different challenges at us when we least expect, but it is also expected of us to stand our ground or relocate! Sandra Milena Almeida was rushed to the hospital after unbearable pain in her gut, she couldn't even stand on her feet and the doctors had to carry out an X-ray to figure out what caused the problem. All they found were several unrecognizable objects which were just about 3cm long and they couldn't tell what they were looking at, because they felt she was a drug addict who did over dose, but they had to operate on her to see for themselves. The result was amazing!

Sandra had just found out that her husband had cheated on her and couldn't bear the pain of it, so she decided she would get back at her cheating husband in her own way. But it seems her own way of getting back at her husband was not the best, because in the emergency room, the doctors pulled out a total of $7000 from her stomach!! She ingested a total of seventy $100 bills which left her in severe pain according to "Daily Mail."

She had rolled up the bills and swallowed them in an act of rage against her husband, because the money was to be used for vacation but things didn't go the way she planned it. Only $5600 were saved after the surgery, the rest had been destroyed by gastric fluids and Sandra is currently safe. But it goes a long way to show just how some people can react when they find out they have been betrayed. But was this the best way of getting back at her husband, because she would have killed herself in the process.

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Sandra Sandra Milena Almeida


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