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This special plant is use to boost your children from F9 to A1

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1. Peppermint

Peppermint has multiple health benefits; it improves your learning abilities and creative mind. The smell of this herb has proved its powers of having positive effects in cognition and mood in much scientific research.

Researchers often claim that infusing your room with the fragrance of peppermint oil can induce a high level of energy while increasing your alertness and memory function. It is aneasy to grow herb and has many culinary uses.

This is not just an ingredient that you put in sweets. Peppermint has some amazing brain-boosting powers. One study on Edu birdy showed that just smelling this herb improves memory.

The freshness and strong smell of the herb gives a person a sense of being refreshed. You don’t even have to eat it, hanging a couple of bushels in your home will already do the trick.

2. Rosemary

one of the best herbs for memory recall. This herb has long been used for aromatherapy as a memory booster, especially in the form of essential oil. Rosemary essential oil is known to promote memory, retention, concentration, and efficiency in mental tasks. When taken by mouth, it proves to be an excellent antioxidant to strike against the free-radicals. This herb is easy to grow and goes great with any meat dish. However, if you don’t eat meat, don’t worry, it makes a great companion in a basil pesto. Rosemary has been used as a brain booster for years. However, only in recent studies have they found that it helps one’s long term memory and increases one’s alertness.

3. Kale

plant improve memory

Having the highest densities of nutrients, kale is a great natural source to maintain good mental health. It consists of the well-known brain supporting fatty acids–Omega-3. There’s also a presence of a plant pigment known as Lutein, which enhances the learning and memory power.

4. Thyme

Thyme is another versatile herb that can be added to many dishes. It contains high levels of luteolin which is believed to help the brain boost its antioxidant levels.

It also boosts the levels of healthy fats such as omega-3 fatty acids which is associated with higher levels of brain function. Thyme is also easy to grow and requires very little maintenance.

5. Ginger

One should have no problem in finding ways to get a daily dose of ginger. This root plant has amazing anti-inflammatory properties and is specifically known for combatting neurodegenerative diseases like Parkinson’s disease.

Ginger has also been found to boost reaction time and attention in young and middle-aged adults. If that is not enough, your working memory also gets a boost.

6. Beans

Beans are underrated in the nutrition world, but that is because of the stigma that it gives you gas. However, most beans are high in choline which is essential in the creation of new neurotransmitters in the brain.

One can almost say that it is the muscle building food of the brain. The best part is that you can have almost any bean for the same effect.7. Ginkgo Biloba

Ginkgo is is used for many cognitive benefits since time immemorial. Furthermore, this powerful medicinal herb may regenerate and heal the brain cells, promoting attention, memory, and intelligence. Besides improving mental health, Ginkgo Biloba has many other health benefits too.

It is one of those foods that have been used for ages to boost brain function. It is a powerful food that is associated with the healing and regeneration of brain cells. It is also used to boost attention span and improve memory.

It has recently gained big popularity as a superfood.

8. Reishi Mushrooms

Reishi Mushroom, being a medicinal plant, helps you with many health complications. One of which is anxiety and depression. Stress and anxiety tend to disturb the normal functioning of the brain, making it difficult to think clearly and memorize. While reishi can’t directly strike these issues, it may ease down some of the symptoms.

9. Ginseng

When you exercise, you feel revitalized and as a result, you concentrate much better. Ginseng is an amazing natural energy booster and when your vitality boosted, so is your brain function.

Ginseng is like nature’s multi-vitamin as it is used to improve overall mental health and vitality. It’s said to activate neurotransmitters and improve memory as a result.10. Blueberries

Blueberries are one of the most common berries and that is mainly due to the ease with which it is grown. However, blueberries are known to have compounds that improve decision making power, comprehension and it improves memory and reasoning abilities. It is one of the best plants to grow for your brain.

11. Periwinkle

Periwinkle is one of the lesser known plants that improve memory and the overall brain function. It is also one of the better ones. Periwinkle improves blood and oxygen circulation in the brain and as a result, will improve your memory and memorizing skills.

12. Holy Basil

plants that boost memory power

Holy Basil or tulsi increases the supply of oxygen in mind and improves blood circulation. It can also be used to cure depression and overall cognitive functioning. You can either take it raw with some amount of water or add it in your salads or other dishes or make a basil tea.

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