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Covid-19 protocols that can help Ghanaians.

Covd -19 protocol.

Covid-19 cases has been increasing day in and day out due to some protocols that has not been taking is serious by us which has caused an an increase in active cases of the disease which are reporting by the instructions who are in charge of the covid-19 pandemic update.

Which has become vary necessary to write a review on the need to abide by the protocols that has been given to us as directed by the World Health Organization (WHO) .So that we can prevent ourselves from being victims of the disease that has been confirmed as a global pandemic.

The vary important protocol is to wear your nose mask as well as your sanitizer when ever leaving home to office or Market place as your first aid to ensure safety healthy living. You can get the disease when you are traveling or trading by making exchange of money by car mate or the buyers that is why you shouldn't forget to leave the house without you first aid which is your sanitizer and your nose mask.

Again we should apply social distancing protocols to avoid contracting of the disease by friends around you .May your friends have this disease but nothing shows that the person has that is why you distance you your self when talking to anybody for your safety cause prevention is better than cure.

One thing I will add is that we need to eat fruits and food that will boost our immune system so that it can fight against covid-19.

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