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Checkout Signs To Know If Your Child Has Autism And Be Mor Aware

Every April is set aside to celebrate World Autism Month. Throughout the month, the focus is on sharing stories and providing opportunities to increase understanding, awareness and acceptance of people with autism.

In my last article, I focused on how to care for people living with autism. Today however, I will take us through the signs to watch out for in order to detect if your child has autism. Of course, you will need a professional evaluation to properly ascertain for sure.

Like I said in my previous article, I have first hand experience because a close friend has an autistic child, and I am always around her and I can say for a fact that these are very accurate. So, please take note and share the information.

Below are some signs of autism:

* One of the signs of autism is, they avoid eye contact with people. But that does not mean that every child that avoids eye contact with you is autistic.

* They have delayed speech. Some of them don't speak at all except making some sounds, especially when they are agitated.

* Another sign is getting upset over little things.

* Repetitive movements like jumping, pacing or moving around nonstop.

* They get over or under sensitive. In order words, they can choose to show too much emotion even when it's unnecessary. They also can mask it entirely.

* Another sign of autism is, lining up of objects and need to do things routinely.

That's it for this article. I hope this helps you to be more aware. Remember, do not draw any conclusions even if you notice all these things. Do well to consult a doctor for proper diagnosis and treatment. Kindly share and help save someone today.

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