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Why I Am Always Hungry.

What makes us hungry, that we have to spend so much money on food? These are "crazy" thoughts one may have. Well, it is essential we come to understand why we always feel hungry.

Science for centuries now has successfully been able to explain that our body relies on food for energy, thus it's so "normal" to feel hungry if we don't eat for a few hours. But if your stomach has a constant rumble, even after a meal, then something could be going on with your health.

If you feel hungry all the time, would that be considered normal? Well, Not. The medical term for extreme hunger is polyphagia and you would have to see your doctor.

Several Things Can Cause Hunger.

1) Diabetes

2) Low blood sugar

3) Lack of sleep

4) Stress

5) Diet

6) Medication

7) Pregnancy

8) Thyroid problem

9) Diet Soda

10) Dehydration

11) How much you exercise

It is worth noting that, not all foods fill us up the same way. The ones that curb hunger best are high in protein, like lean meats, fish, or daily products, or high in fibre as well as fats. Thus a healthy balanced diet matters for good health.

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