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How I Treated my Typhoid Effectively with Less Cost.

One of the most life-threatening diseases in Ghana is typhoid. Ghana loses many lives thanks to this disease. So, I invested time in knowing how it manifests itself in the human body when one contracts it.

I have always been enthused about my health, so I ask loads of questions and run many types of research. I realized I was developing symptoms of typhoid and I didn’t joke with the indications.

I had pains in my backbone and couldn’t sit for a long time without complaining. I also started developing some rashes on my neck and sustaining a high fever with frequent headache and diarrhoea.

I suspected it was typhoid fever. I ran a test and the results confirmed my assumption. My goodness! I have taken contaminated food and water. I guess it was the water I take. They stay too long under the sun and melts the chemicals in the sachet into the water.

I then decided to abandon drinking water that stayed too long under the shade. I also halted drinking cold water. I reduced my intake of oil and concentrated on taking an antibiotic. I hydrated adequate water with an antibiotic -Ciprofloxacin.

5 days later, my pain and disease were histories thanks to changes in lifestyle and an antibody. My new test shows a negative in typhoid.


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