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Blend lobelia and olive oil, apply little drops in the ear and plug it with cotton.

The human ear is made of:

The inner ear.

Middle ear.

The outer ear.

Infection of ear can affect any of these areas and one area can generally infect the rest. Often external otitis affects the outer ear; at times it occurs after cold or flu or some other types of upper respiratory infection.

The area from the eardrum to the outer part get inflamed and is very painful, occasionally a fever may crop up; Otitis media affects the part inside the eardrum and all the tiny bones. The air pressure is regulated in this region by the auditory tube running from the ear to the back of the nasal cavity, whenever bacteria or a virus gets in this part; the different parts get inflamed with fluid, leading to pressure and exceptionally sharp pain in the ear with fever. If the infection is left unattended it can cause perforation in eardrum allowing all pressure out and alleviating pain, although a perforated eardrum connote hearing loss and fluid discharge. This sort of ear infection is very widespread in infants as a result of the position of the baby while feeding allowing milk bacteria to grow in the auditory tube.

Fundamental Tips to Eliminate Problems of Ears

Sunbathing is beneficial because it kills harmful bacteria.

Soaps, chemicals and other drying agents should be done away with.

Boost your intake of vitamin B6.

Make use of ear buds to cleanse your ears after head bathing.

Cleanse your ears every day with water while taking bath, this save you from ear ache and infections.

When you have bath or return home from outside, you should try to clean your ears very well by rubbing tenderly with your fingers and then clean with ear buds to prevent dust formed in or close to ears.

If you cannot hear accurately, then close your ears for a split second and open it lightly to hear appropriately. This will help you to hear correctly when attending any meetings.

Herbal remedies

1. Take Vitamin C to help enhance the immune system and combat infection.

3. Zinc is also useful in reducing the infection of the ear.

4. If the infection is just starting out, take an alcohol free Echinacea.

5. Blend lobelia and garlic oil or olive oil, apply little drops in the ear and plug it with cotton. This will ease the pain.

6. If the ear is red, hot and painful particularly after experiencing cold temperature, apply Aconite to take care of the condition. This herbal remedy is excellent for ear infection.

7. If the cheek of the same side of the ear affected is red and the individual is not able to put up with the pain then take Chamomile.

8. Applying about 8 to 10 drops of Indian hemp leaves juice in ears can helps to destroy germs in your ear. Also helps to cure ear ache condition. This is one of most effective the herbal remedy for ears problem.

9. If you have ear infection, apply three to five drops of coconut oil in your affected ear and close with a small cotton wool before moving to bed.

10. If the ear infected is weighed down with an excruciating pain and sensitive to touch use hepar sulph. 

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