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Early Warning Signs Of Breast Cancer In Men

Almost every person is of the notion that whenever breast cancer is mentioned, women should be bothered. This is because we hardly hear if a man complaining of breast cancer as women do, but the truth of the matter is breast cancer does not only affect women but men as well.

The American National cancer institute estimates that 2650 men are diagnosed of invasive breast cancer yearly and some 480 men die of the condition in 2018 alone. So this isva wake up call that men should be weary of this condition as well.

Research shows that white men in the united states are expected to have breast cancer 100 times less than in white women, and 70 times lower in black men than in black women.

The prognosis of breast cancer in men is quite similar to that in women at the stage of diagnosis. However, men usually receive a diagnosis at older age, possibly due to lack of awareness about breast cancer in men.

If you are a man you begin to experience the symptoms below, quickly visit a doctor, it could be a sign of breast cancer;

Discharge of some whitish fluid from the nipple of the breast when squeezed. Swollen of the breast with little or no pain. Feeling of lump inside the breast. Differences in the size of both breast. Visible skin lesions, marks , colour changes and moles around the breast region.

It should be noted that as breast cancer can easily kill both men and women so give it the needed attention anytime you observe any of the above symptoms.Share to others to help spread this education.

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