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Brain Drain And Its Effects On Africa

Have you ever heard of 'Brain Drain'? It may sound like a medical procedure, but in fact it's when highly-skilled workers - such as doctors, engineers, scientists etc - leave their home country to find better job opportunities and more money abroad. It's causing big issues for many African countries, which are left with a shortage of skilled workers. Brain Drain in Africa is hampering the continent’s ability to realize its economic potential and many skilled Africans are leaving the continent for better opportunities abroad. Brain Drain is one of the major contributing factors to Africa's problems. Brain drain affects the country economically, socially, and politically.

Averagely, there are about over 2 million African migrants in the United States. Most Africans who leave never return. Brain drain as it relates to Africa is a significant issue that hardly gets talked about because we have many other problems. Even though it poses a major threat to our growth and development, the reality of this problem still hasn’t dawned on most of our leaders so they still are not making the right moves to mitigate it.

Brain drain changes the focus of the entire society from nation building to a get-rich-quick mentality among the people while materialism becomes the order of the day which ultimately leads to a lack of maintenance culture and infrastructure.

Other countries with better infrastructure take advantage of the entire situation and try to recruit the best available talents in countries where skill sets exist with poor infrastructure and the lack of basic amenities which creates the perfect platform for brain drain.

Counties like the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada and others have been major beneficiaries of brain drain syndrome from African countries.


By: Isaac Newton

Content created and supplied by: TikeseTen (via Opera News )

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