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Do You Know Doggy Style Can Kill You? Checkout Other Sex Positions That Are Very Dangerous

Not all that we normally do are advisable for our health. One may think, why this topic at the first place?. In today's article, I will take you through some scientifically proven sex positions that can land you into serious problem and even loose your life in the course of it. Sex can be defined as sexual contact between individuals involving penetration, especially the insertion of a man's erect penis into a woman's vagina, typically culminating in orgasm and the ejaculation of semen. Now let's start the main topic;

1. Girl On Top Position

Woman on top' is the most dangerous sex position, study finds | Metro News

Woman on top is any sex position in which the woman is on top of her sexual partner during sexual activity. The position most commonly associated with the woman on top is often called the cowgirl or riding position, which derives its name from the image of the woman "riding" the man as a cowgirl rides a bucking horse. A recent study shows that this position is one of the dangerous sex positions. The study found that the 'woman on top' position is to blame for nearly half the penile fractures reported from all around the world. The woman controls the male penis with all her weight and body and when it misses it can fracture it.

2. Doggy Style Position

Doggy Style Is The Most Dangerous Sex Position; Missionary Next »  GhBase•com™

Doggy style is a sex position in which a person bends over, crouches on all fours (usually on hands and knees), or lies on their abdomen, for sexual intercourse, other forms of sexual penetration or other sexual activity. According to a new study from the Journal Of Impotence Research doggy-style is the position with the most risk of penile fracture. In fact, 41% of penile fractures observed by the study happened while in this position. 

3 Missionary Sex Position

Missionary is one of the most dangerous sexual positions | indy100 | indy100

It may be regarded as one of the most basic and unexotic sex positions but missionary is actually one of the most dangerous, according to doctors. They noted that doggy style sex and missionary could cause equally serious penile fracture, while the woman being on top was the least dangerous.

Mind you, most of these were from reliable scientific sources so don't joke with them.

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