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Shedding Tears Could Serve As A Pain Killer. Click And Read To Find Out How This Is Possible.

Pain relievers are drugs and medications taken to relieve you of your pain and are mostly referred to as pain killers. They are pain killers because they ease your pain and make your pain go away.

Tears however, is not a drug nor medication but relieves you of your pain just as pain relievers do. So in a way you crying and releasing tears is a pain killers.

Shedding of tears is mostly in response to one’s emotions, pain and sometimes to irritations. Crying or shedding of tears are in various forms; sobbing, weeping, wailing, whimpering and bawling.

During emotional responses that leads to one crying or shedding tears, there are certain chemical compositions that are released which differs from other types of tears. This is to say, whatever reason you cry, be it out of pain or hurt, the tears produced by the eye differs in terms of chemical compositions.

Basically, there are three types of tears we release. They are; Basal Tears, Reflexive Tears and Psychic tears.

Basal tears are produced mainly to keep the eye lubricated.

Reflexive tears are produced in response to irritants to the such as chopping onions.

Lastly, Psychic tears are the tears produced in response to your emotions and pain. Psychic tears which are emotionally-triggered tears stimulates the body to produce Endorphins like Oxytocin which are natural pain killers.

Shedding of tears or crying when you are in pain or any form of emotional distress is the body’s way of releasing a natural pain killer to ease your pain and hurt.

Most often than not, a lot of people shy away from crying because they believe that it makes them weak. Not crying doesn’t prove that you are strong, it only means that you are keeping and harbouring a lot of pain inside which could harm you.

It is said that, crying are words from the heart that cannot be spoken. This is true because in your deepest pain, sadness and sorrow, you cannot really express the amount of pain you are in with words and you can hardly even talk. But crying does all the talking for you.

Others also believe that crying whenever you are in pain makes you run out of tears eventually. This is never true. As long as you are alive, you will never stop producing tears.

Cry all you want- you won’t run out of tears. Your tear most often in your pain is 1% water and 90% feeling.

Tears helps heal you from hurtful psychological experiences in life just as there are natural body processes that promote physical healing.

Content created and supplied by: SeddySarah (via Opera News )


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