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Exciting:Wow, This secret about water will be helpful. Get to know it.

Water, the most essential component of life is a chemical substance consisting of hydrogen and oxygen.The human body on average contains about 50 to 60% of water. Low water content in the human system can cause a lot of health problems.

Here are a few health benefits of water intake,

• water helps in the removal of toxic substances from the body body through sweats and urine.

• It helps to improve the state of ones skins complexion.

• Its increases ones strength and also relieves one from stress.

• it helps maintain the regularity of the body.

• Health expert therefore recommend we drink about two(2) litres or half a gallon of water in a day.

Water without being treated may hold a number of contaminated particle such as: bacteria, viruses, parasites, heavy metals, pesticides, fertilizers, and human and animal waste. These contaminants can not be seen with naked eye and may cause a variety of illness, including: diarrhea, stomach cramps, vomiting and even pneumoniae

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