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Check Out Leaves To Treat Malaria And Typhoid

Astringent leaf

Individuals have generally utilized unpleasant leaf, which contains antimalarial characteristics, to treat intestinal sickness.

The guava leaf

Notwithstanding the antimalarial attributes of guava leaf, the Yoruba public use it to make jungle fever spice (agbo), which they sell in the first part of the day and night and about which numerous people have vouched for the viability.

Papoose plant

Antimalarial properties of Papaya leaves, or Pawpaw leaves, have been used for quite a while, and the juice of Papaya leaves has been utilized for this reason.

Leaves from the Dogoyaro tree

There are a few antimalarial characteristics in dogoyaro (otherwise called neem leaf), and individuals have been using the juice to treat jungle fever for quite a while.

Lemon Grass

Individuals have vouched for the viability of Yoruba agbo, which is generally made and sold as a natural solution for intestinal sickness and essentially produced using lemon grass.

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