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These children who are born only with two toes on each foot

Zimbabwe: these children who are born only with two toes on each foot

Having a child is a divine grace especially when * it is normal. * In Zimbabwe, having a normal child in the Vadoma tribe (a tribe located in the west of Zimbabwe, in Africa) seems like a real miracle. Indeed, 25% of the population of this tribe were born with only 2 toes on each foot !.

 Or 1 in 4 children. It's really sad. These children who did not ask to be born in this way are very often marginalized and often even, it happens that they are called children * modits *. However, he has none. This anomaly can be explained and it is very far from the supernatural domain.

It is rare in that it normally affects one in 90,000 people. But why this rate is so high in this tribe. This high rate is always explained according to doctors by the great consanguinity that exists within this tribe (marriages between brothers and sisters of the same family).

Also the dominant character of this anomaly (which is necessarily expressed from one generation to another) is an obvious cause.As another reason one could speak of the isolation of the VaDoma tribe, they developed and maintained ectrodactyly, and their relatively small gene pool has made the condition much more common than elsewhere. The two-toed or ostrich tribe captured our attention and it deserved to be talked about.

Photos can be shocking we ask the faint of heart to refrain.

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