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Read About What Kantose(Turkey Berry) Can Do In Our Lives

1.May help lower blood pressure

Turkey berry is loaded with a variety of unique compounds, such as gallic acid and ferulic acid, which have shown strong anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties in test tube studies. Additionally, an animal study showed that a turkey berry extract significantly reduced blood pressure in rats with high blood pressure. Still, there are currently no studies available on whether turkey berry can help reduce blood pressure in humans. This means that no specific outcome can be guaranteed.

2.May promote healthy immune function

Trial tube studies have shown that turkey berry has powerful antimicrobial properties that can promote healthy immune function in multiple ways. One study noted that turkey berry can be effective against herpes simplex virus. The antimicrobial properties of Turkish Berry have also proven useful for keeping wounds clean and helping to heal cuts and ulcers. Although these preliminary data are promising, better human studies are needed to determine if turkey bay can be reliably used to promote healthy immune function in humans.

3.May prevent and treat anemia

Low iron content is one of the most common nutritional deficiencies on a global scale. Iron-deficient anemia is a common condition that can develop due to insufficient iron intake. It is associated with conditions such as fatigue, dizziness and shortness of breath. Turkey berry is an especially rich source of herbal iron and is often consumed to treat or prevent iron deficiency anaemia. Although turkey berry possesses a high concentration of iron, recent animal research indicates that it may not be well absorbed into the digestive tract. Therefore, there is no guarantee that the addition of turkey berries to your diet will greatly improve your iron status. Combining foods that are rich in vitamin C, such as strawberries, peppers or citrus fruits, can help increase the absorption of iron from plant-based foods. However, there is no research available to indicate if this method improves the capacity of turkey berry to treat anemia.

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Kantose( Turkey Turkish Berry


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