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Spiritual Marriage Gone Forever Using 'Ntome', 'Nyanya' And 2 Eggs

Brethren,I greet you in the name of the keeper of lsrael who is the" l am that I am".l decree his blessings to who ever reading this article and it is sure.l want each and every one to know this secret and keep it tight.Spiritual marriage is infact the killer of our generation, the source of every problem man faces on earth such as poverty, sickness, joblessness, marital issues and many more.The demon assigned for it is "Incubus and succubus".

Brethren, could you imagine just two year old girl having spiritual marriage and therefore being infected with cervical cancer and at the point of death and God being so wonderful being delivered through this" saviour direction of God".And also can you just imagine an 85 year old woman experiencing every night sorrow of spiritual marriage and as a result being bedridden by diabetes,high blood pressure, stroke and sexual Infections, and she is also free with this direction.

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However brethren see and know that if Satan claim he is powerful and we can see his power at work,God is more powerful and His power is faster and quicker if you really know it.

Ingredients: 1- 7 leaves of Ntome


3- 2 local egg

Direction:- On Tuesday, find a red bucket and five red candles and fetch some stream water.Granulate the herbs in the water and add the 2 Eggs,light the five candles around the bucket and say this prayers......"I surmon you spiritual marriage to the high Arch angels of God and I banish you out of my life never to return Amen"This must be performed at 12midnight.Roll one egg from your head to toe and break the other in the mixture to take your bath seven times to finish and break the second egg at crossroad and you are free.To reach me for any explanation call me on zero five one twenty twentytwo fiftyone.Thank you for reading.

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Gone Forever


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