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Spiritual Meaning Of Okro Has Been Reveal [Sh0ck To S££]

General Meaning of Okra is a green vegetable used to cook soup. It is used in a variety of dishes around the world. In Nigeria for example, Okra can be cooked together with ogbono soup, melon soup etc. Pumpkin leaves are the best for okra soup but for those outside Nigeria, this may not be the case. Okra has been proven to provide nutrients and healing to the body. However, some doctors think that okra has wonderful health benefits as it helps to fight against fatigue, control diabetes, reduce cholesterol levels, boost the immune system, improve eyesight, and prevent gastritis (ulcer). In addition, okra can effectively reduce the risk of gastritis. It’s always nice to know the physical benefits of okra. But are not always the case in the dream world.

Okro in dreams symbolizes sickness and backwardness. If you look at our critically with more concentration on the water, you will discover it draws so much. In the spiritual world, the drawing part represents destiny retardation and failure. The dream meaning is not connected to some part of the country that forbids the eating of okro. Holding a belief that whosoever that eats it will be sluggish for the rest of his life or die of a strange attack/illness. One of the hard truths behind our dream is that the enemy often uses a lot to pass a message. The message of blockage, visionless, unproductive, and even premature death. In many cases, a dream about okro indicates bewitchment. If you are a pregnant woman, seeing okro means miscarriage. Also, if you are a person who loves eating or cooking okra soup in real life, dreaming about vegetable plants means something bad is about to manifest in your life. Such a dream means the spirit of sickness, struggle, and satanic torment would be the early signs.

Some people dream about the okra plant, buying and selling okro when they are on the verge of a big breakthrough. For this sign, then it means something good is about to slip away from their life. That thing could be a lifetime opportunity or blessing. In some cases, this type of dream does not mean that you should try and cook okra soup the following day or anytime soon, no. It’s deeper than you imagined! Breaking away from a witchcraft attack is never easy, so your dream about okra tells you more than strongman is preventing you from reaping from the process of your efforts and harvest. If you need to come out from any present problems in your marriage, this is the time to do so. John 6:35 And Jesus said unto them, I am the bread of life: he that cometh to me shall never hunger; and he that believeth on me shall never thirst. 


Romans 14:20 For meat destroy not the work of God. All things indeed are pure, but it is evil for that man who eateth with offence. If you dream and find out that the okra is not drawing properly, this is possibly a warning sign of living a life without purpose and celebration. If you refuse to eat the okra, it means that you will be able to avoid troubles and attacks in future. Do you feel like you have reassignments as assignments that eating okra soup in the dream would not make you sound in your career as the enemy is likely to use the vision against your destiny? however, if you wake up feeling uneasy, it may be a good time to sit down and think about the journey of your life. If you are a business person and you keep seeing okra in your dream, it is a nad sign that you you will encounter challenges in your business growth and stability. 


 On the other hand, if your family forbids eating okra, and you saw yourself eating it in dreams, there are chances that you will die soon or a big calamity is coming ahead shortly. The appearance of our dream is not a dream you should take for granted. Not even a dream you should not follow up in serious prayers and fasting. There is no official estimate of those that have been wasted through this vegetable plant. But if you are a wise believer who knows the negative effects should always soak yourself with Psalm prayer of protection from the book of Psalm 27, 109, 91, 118:17. As a child of God, you have been given power and authority over death and sorrow. If you are still uncertain about why you dreamed about okra oftentimes, take some time to analyze the possible sources. Look at the exact events and situations that unfolded in your waking life. Check if you have ever undergone some activities involving okro such as planting okra, harvesting or on a farm. Find out if you recently take okro with vegetable soup before you sleep. There might be a symbolic element to your dream about okro, or the dream of cooking may stand as a strong indication of spiritual imprisonment and satanic exchange of virtues. By taking a closer look at your dreams, you can figure out exactly why your dream is happening. Another interpretation of dreams about okro especially when it is rotten indicates generational curses and poor finishing. It also means that you are going to attempt and battle to become a fulfilled person. Likewise, if you often see one or two rotten okra, it shows someone is planning to take away your virtues either through diabolical means such as curses, incantation, or collective evil forces. You may feel like you do not have control over your life and destiny. You want to be independent and do what you want in life, but it always seems like the more you try to excel the harder it becomes.


 Especially if you wake up confused, unstable, or even terrified, These are some possible effects carefully highlighted below: Felling powerless and faithlessness. Almost there but never their syndrome of backwardness. Back to square one spirit. Meeting the wrong people. Sudden stoppage of good things. Inability to succeed despite repeated efforts. Getting married to the wrong personality. Bewitchment and hard battles from the foundation. Generational curses of sluggishness and procrastination. Profitless hard work without any form of progress and tangible results. When the son of breakthrough is about to manifest, foundation powers will swallow it up. Operating on the inherited evil pattern of your family line.  

Here are some other dream symbols of okra (okro) If you dream of washing okra, it means you are eliminating bad things that are bringing shame and reproach to your life. If you dream of cooking okra soup, it indicates a sign of marital problems and slavery. If you dream of an okra tree, it means your help will come from above. That is, God will supply all your needs effortlessly. If you dream of rotten okra, it means a sign of attack from the marine world. If you are the m of eating vegetable soup portends heavy burdens and oppression of the wicked. If someone gave you okra to cook, it means the enemy is setting a trap for you. This is done to make you suffer in life. Just be wise here. If you stepped on okra peel and fell, it means your foundation is speaking failure and disappointment into your path. 


 A dream about any kind of okra seed always signifies family bondage. This means that the dreamer is being afflicted by the influence of some problems emanating from his or her father’s house. If you can count the seed, it may indicate the numbing attacks facing big attack in your big attack seal life, eating okro seed contributes to healing in the body. However, if in your dream you are eating okro with its seed in a dream means a great drawback to your marriage and finances. There may be someone who does not want you to stand out in your family. Whatever the case, your dreams about okra seed could represent an organized witchcraft network have been set for you. Maybe you are developing an appetite for okro, this can also come as a warning of sickness and hard bondage. If you eventually see a person in your dream giving you chaff and taking away the okra seeds, then this means something glorious of you has been stolen from you. This could be pregnancy, business, ministry, grace, power, and other investment. 


 If you dream of picking okra, it is considered ad omen. According to one version in the Bible, Psalm 7:15-16 says, “He made a pit, and dug it, and is fallen into the ditch which he made. His mischief shall return upon his d his violent dealing shall come down upon his pate.” So picking okra in your dreams shows a potential illness for yourself or a family member in the future. Also, if you are about to do a contract job, your dream probably just reflects the failure and setback associated with your career. If you have been feeling depressed and hate your life, please don’t act on the dream. The Bible says, with God all things are possible, but you need to get help and solve the problems in your life that are causing these rounds of setbacks. In some cases, maybe in your dream, someone asked you to pick the okra from the ground into a basket, and and and you mand ay need to find out who the person was. It is possible the angel of God could be talking to you. It could also reveal that your prayer is likely to be answered. So you may need to confirm this through your next prayer and fasting.


Dreams about buying and selling okra are quite common for some people that love to eat okro or those that recently bought okra. While some will not dream about them at all. They are quite symbolic of buying and selling okra in dreams having great effects on one’s life and destiny. This kind of dream is clear you have been possessed by marine witchcraft powers. If you are a woman, these powers would make you not to be fruitful. If you are a man, such a dream would expose you to the mysterious attack of the ancestral powers in your father’s house. These feelings could cause you not to gather blessings until you find time to deal with the powers assigned to ridicule you and frustrate your marriage. You are a person with great destiny. Perhaps God is doing great and mighty things in your life. Sometimes, your dream may involve buying okra alone. If that’s the case. it means witchcraft manipulation and control over your finances and marriage. 

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