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"If These Funny Pictures Didn't Make Your Day Then Nothing Else, Laugh Out Loud & Release Stress"

According to the doctors, smiling or laughter is a medicine to the body which every individual is needed to drink a cup of it everyday. It helps release pressure and also keep the body active. I believe before you finished looking at these pictures it will crack you up.

Some people always visit the theatres, pay huge amounts of money to watch comedians who will make them laugh. In short, these pictures will blow your mind and make you happy more than anything else and you wouldn’t even think of going into the theatres to watch comedians.

Today you are lucky without paying any amount you will laugh beyond control. A Youngman who was so in love with a girl in his area has tried all means to speak with her. One day on his way to fetch water he saw this girl standing under a coconut tree. He was passing and the girl called him. He went and the girl requested if he can climb the tree and get some of the coconuts for her.

This Youngman doesn’t know how to climb a coconut tree but he remembered his teacher taught him opportunity always comes at once. So, he decided to climb the tree, he got some of the coconuts for the lady. In the process of getting down this Youngman fell from the tree but to prevent shame, he shouted aeroplane. He hit the ground and started walking sideways the girl asked if he has been injured but he responded no but it is a new way of walking.

Watch the pictures below;

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