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Do You Like to Eat Peanuts? Please Becareful, These Peanuts Can Kill You

A striking feature of peanuts is their inexpensive nature, so it is almost impossible to visit many Ghanaian homes and not find bottles of peanuts.

I admit they taste good, really nice. Whether fried or boiled, it can still be enjoyed with several things, like banana, bread, garri and it can even be made into several other end products. In fact, this is where all "peanut oil" comes from. However, that is a topic for another day.

With that in mind, here are some unmistakable facts that show just how dangerous eating peanuts could be.

However, these days it is extremely necessary to question what you eat. Just because such meals worked for our fathers doesn't mean it will work for you. It is extremely important to note that not all tasty things are healthy.

Here are what makes it dangerous to your health and how to avoid it:

1. Dangerous calories

Knowing the benefits of being healthy, i can confidently tell you that peanuts are a high calorie food, and if you are worried about being obese, you should avoid this food. Obesity can lead to heart disease, sleep apnea, stroke, and other underlying illnesses. Therefore, you have to watch this peanut.

2. Have you ever heard of aflatoxin?

Now, aflatoxins are fungi that are found in nuts and grains that retain moisture, especially during storage. These toxins are very common on peanuts because, as with any agricultural product, they are first stored before being distributed to the market. Additionally, the peanut kernel, or “blanket” as some would call it, helps hold water and this could be dangerous.

Aflatoxin has been identified as one of the main causes of cancer and, more so, these fungi can lead to liver damage.

3. High blood pressure

Due to the presence of so much cholesterol in peanuts, it is dangerous to eat peanuts. It is better to leave peanuts for the production of cooking oil, rather than eating them in their unprocessed form. This is indeed a warning, to those who love their hearts.

4. Peanuts cause allergies

If you see how dangerously children and even some adults react to eating peanuts, you will ditch this nut, these allergies are more common in children. To prevent such an event, you need to be careful what you serve to children, as allergies can become dangerous if not caught early and given the necessary medical attention.

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Do Ghanaian Peanuts Can Kill


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