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Here's The Only Body Part You Should Never Clean According to Medical Experts

For most of us, the shower is a one-stop-shop for getting everything clean from head to toe. After all, who wouldn't want to get as much of their morning routine taken care of in the shower with a little multi-tasking?

 But just because you're scrubbing up doesn't mean every single hygiene task should happen in the shower. In fact, experts say there's one body part that you shouldn't actually wash in the shower: your face. Read on to find out why.

One medical Doctor states that there is one body part that must never be cleaned, even with antiseptics. It is argued that cleaning the ear canal could do more harm than good.

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According to Dr. Kris Jatana, a medical expert and one of the authors of a study on the subject, the ear canal is self-cleaning and should only be cleaned on the outside.

He further states that cleaning your ear with cotton swab can impact your hearing, as it's possible to push your eardrum out of place. He explains that doctors raised concerns over the safety of cotton swab, and in some cases, the doctors have even demanded that the policies be written so that customers will be alerted about the risks. 

Dr. Kris Jatana

He claims, however, that the majority of users are still in the market, regardless of possible product security threats.

Due to this, using a soft-bristle sponge is advised for cleaning the outside part of your ears, but you should avoid cleaning the ear canals as they are self-cleaning.

Source: Yahoo

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